A weekend course held twice a year open to:

  • Existing Fraternus leaders (co-Captain and up) that acknowledge their roles as leaders in their Chapter and community and want to gain that insights and skills from experienced mentors and leaders.
  • Men considering or starting a Fraternus Chapter in their community. When possible, potential Chapter leaders should come in groups (i.e. not just the Commander).
  • Men that want to be able to apply the weekend’s content to their own local situation or apostolate.

“You then who teach others, do you not teach yourself?”

Romans 2:21

What to expect

  • Weekends as St. Joseph farm generally include meals and experiences right from the farm itself, often even including the Friday pig slaughter for the Saturday feast and a diversion of skeet shooting.
  • Even if the weekends are agrarian, that doesn’t mean barbarian. You will have warm showers and actual beds in a real house.
  • Theological and philosophical presentations shy away from efforts at motivational or novel insights, and seek rather to:
    • reground our thinking in what we know from nature (an authentic anthropology),
    • what we know from revelation (submission to Magisterial teaching of the Church),
    • and from a realist disposition of our present situation (i.e. real experience and real men).

The best part…

Often the best part of SJF weekends is the fraternal comradery amongst the men, and the not-to-mysterious realization that we’re not alone in this fight.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man must sharpen another.”

Proverbs 27:17

Does your community need you to lead?

Fraternus, at its worst, is a boys youth group run by reluctant men. Fraternus, at its best, is a brotherhood of all generations that strengthens and enlivens every man and boy involved to become virtuous Catholic men. If you’re the former, come and gain strength and insights to improve your Chapter. If you’re the latter, come learn how to lead and pass on your gift.

For those outside of Fraternus, for too long the principle of subsidiarity and fatherly authority has been circumvented, denied, and denigrated. The effects are now manifest all around us. The answer to problems in homes and society will not be solved by anything you read or see on this screen today. It needs the man looking for the answer, because you and your leadership are what’s needed.


Justin Biance lead boldly at the founding of Fraternus and has gained significant insights and experience as a Catholic leader in other corporate ventures. Justin is married to Angela and they have seven children. He owns J. Biance Financial (www.jbiance.com) and holds two Master’s degrees, one in Moral Theology and one in Business Entrepreneurship. He is also the author of The Great Inheritance: 7 steps to leaving behind more than your money and Designed to Last.
Danny Snyder started Fraternus as the founding Commander in Hendersonville, TN. Snyder’s zeal and love for Fraternus, along with his experience as a business owner, led him to becoming the first National Fraternus Sage in 2018. He has served on numerous non-profit boards and has experienced Fraternus inside and out as a Commander and Captain locally and on the Board of Directors nationally.
Jason Craig co-founded Fraternus alongside Justin Biance and Tommy Van Horn. Jason pioneered the vision and articulation of Fraternus, and remains in the role of content and training creation. Craig is the author of Leaving Boyhood Behind and has been featured on numerous Catholic outlets, including EWTN.
Terry Rumore is pictured here with the latest gear that Birmingham has decided to add to the program, alongside his newly dubbed “helmet-master” which is a volunteer role he also thinks is important and necessary for all, everywhere.

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